Hi. I like cake and pizza and foods and stuff. My favourite air is oxygen, if I could I'd float, but since I'm on bad terms with gravity it keeps pulling me down.

There are ghosts floating about


Summerbreak is over, but seeing as I didn’t have any classes today, I still got to enjoy some of my carefree time. I went to IKEA and bought three little cactuses, which are just the cutest. Beside that trip (involving sort of getting lost since I had no actual clue how to get to the IKEA by bike in the first place. Somehow I screwed up worse on my way back), spend most of my day watching anime. And now I’m enjoying some private concert performed by my neighbor and his friends (I’m glad they didn’t charge me b/c that’d be the biggest rip-off of all the ’10s yet).

Well, seeing as I’ve only got three days of school a week, I guess I’ll still be doing this a lot. Minus the private concert, hopefully.

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describe your dream guy


Tall, dark, handsome, well read.  2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. 

After going out last night with some fellow students (and high scool friends I ran into which was great) (which was okay, best part was where I was crackin’ it to “She wants to move” and this guy came to dance with me and left after the song was over. Loved that, just fun dancing no strings attached), I spend my day in Amsterdam. I’ve been wanting to just grab my bike and go shopping or something for a bit. And seeing as I had to get some presents for some upcoming birthdays, today was just perfect to finally still this restlessness.

And it was a really lovely day. I enjoyed myself very much just cycling and window-shopping most of the time. I will dread the day I will take living near Amsterdam for granted, because strolling on your own is so much more enjoyable if you smile at the little things surrounding you. In the end I bought myself (yet another) black hat, “The Boy in Striped Pyjamas” and the said presents (which aren’t really in the picture). I guess my bank account will be close to depleted if I keep up this lifestyle, but those are worries for later I guess.

Not to mention I came home to my mom making home-made onion soup and cheese fondue. It’s been a massively great two days, making me hope this streak can keep up (but doubting it seeing as I’ll be working tomorrow to keep that bank account from imploding).


the best part about being in your 20’s is slowly caring less and less about what people think of you and surrounding yourself with good people

the worst is that I’m broke

The grand finale, the happy ending

So I made that poster for that contest, spend a whole 2 hours on it (which is really not that much), except I stated at 12AM, causing me to walk around like a zombie at work for a good 3 hours. But hey, after procrastinating it was actually pretty fun.

And we actually won! We’ve actually won a day in Brussels, including a tour to the European Parliament and a dinner. It’s crazy, because even though you’re hoping you’ll win, you never really expect it. It was great, we were all so happy. Our “kids” also gave me and my partner (who’s kind of on vacation and, thus, missed the whole thing) a small bottle of coke and rum, thanking us for the great week they had and telling me we were the best mentors they could wish for.

I didn’t cry, but I could’ve. They thanked us and it made me so grateful, I was moved and overjoyed. I guess all this is about is that I’m extremely happy right now.

You’re crazy!! You are a special snowflake and you do light up a room with your ever so positive presence, 99% of the people that have so many followers and likes are boring in real life. Stay positive girl!
This is so incredibly sweet, thank you very much <3

Lifestyle of the fame and fortune

I miss greatness actually. I sometimes have this grand desire to be so amazing, to have 3k followers on instagram and to be a super cool blogger with thrilling and exciting stories. I want to be retweeted 6 times a tweet and 50 likes on my facebook status. And I act this way, like I’m all up-and-coming, like I’m a prodigy, like the internet is really waiting for my arrival because I’m needed. As if I’m still underground, waiting to be discovered, waiting for the masses to see the amazingly raw diamond that I am yet do recognise my immensity. Because I’m so special and different, because I have something to add, because I’m funny and witty and memorable, like I light up the room when I walk in and like how I leave an impression on people after seeing them once. Like I matter.

I don’t know why. But as the stats are now, with my staggering 144 followers on instagram and an astounding 231 on twitter, after 4 years of showing all my unique slowflakeyness and showing it in people’s faces, I guess I can say that I’m really not that great. It doesn’t really come with an expected amount of bitterness and defeat though. I guess I already know I’m not that amazing, not more than anyone else. Sometimes I just wish I was, just for the heck of it.

I guess most people do feel this way, or so I think.

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